Today’s internet is a hybrid system of desktop websites and mobile experiences.  Mobile experiences can be delivered via apps, progressive web apps (PWA), or mobile-friendly website.  You don’t always need desktop/mobile, sometimes mobile is enough, and we can help you achieve any or all of these.

Solution Types We can Build for You

Private social network

Custom mobile apps

Rapid prototype mobile apps

SaaS – software as a service

Ecommerce sites/apps

Here’s a list of some of what we can build into your solution:


Join and login screens, with the ability to validate accounts by either text or email.

Notifications of what’s happening in the app so you can easily find out what’s new.

Permission and security levels that let you restrict certain functions, features, or content to specific individuals or groups

A support ticket system.  Let users create tickets when they need assistance and have one or more accounts on your side able to respond.

Membership levels.  Your site can have monthly recurring membership, annual, lifetime, or not use memberships at all.  Additionally, add member levels for staff or core builders. 

Affiliate program. If you want to compensate other sites or individuals for sending traffic to your site/app, the affiliate program can help you track source traffic and pay commissions accordingly.

Site and App settings.  From controlling feed preferences to managing personal information, add any settings you need.  Offer light/dark mode if you’d like.

Hide and Block accounts.  Depending on your solution you may choose to let people block other accounts, or hide their content from most areas without blocking them.  This Is more suitable for a social site than a business solution.

Social Interaction

User accounts can have profiles with basic contact information, images, descriptions, and more.  Show off membership levels, achievements, link to recent feed posts, and more.

Friends.  Request, approve, and have friends in the app.  Share friend-only content.  View friend-only image feeds.

Comment on most anything in the app.  Usually this focuses on feed posts but this can also apply to profile images, or anything else that makes sense for your solution.

Short duration broadcast messages. Think of these as short term announcements, or classified ads.  Limit these to admin-only or let everyone make them. “Hey friends, I’ll be at Snow Mountain Ski resort tonight if anyone wants to meet up!” or “The telephone system is down, we’ll have it back up as soon as possible!”

Feed.  This is similar to an Instagram or Facebook feed where people can post image or start discussions. There are interfaces for image-view vs discussion view, although both can be shown in either view.  Leave comments, view just your friend group’s posts, view one individual’s posts, view posts for a specific public-or-private group.

Groups to localize conversations within the app.  Groups can be public or private.  Membership can be automatically approved or can require approval.  Group content is only viewable by group members.  Admins can invite others to join, both within the app or externally.  Admins may choose to let members invite the same way.  Private image/discussion feed.  Member list.  Broadcast messages to group members.

Let users report content.  In a user-generated content world it’s possible stuff may enter your app that you don’t want.  React to reported content and allow it, lock it down for no future engagement, or remove it.  Optionally you can ban the user who made the offending content.

Private messaging features.  Users can send messages to other members.  Badge notifications and notification list alerts. See which threads have new content.

Photo galleries.  Galleries can be attached to user profiles, events, groups, or to custom modules we’d build for your solution.  They can be interactive, allowing multiple people to upload images, or they can be limited to single users.  Images can have descriptions, comments, and likes.

Events. Create public or private events.  Guest lists, event information, photo galleries, image and discussion feed.  If you charge for events you can accept payment through the app itself.

Gamification.  Reward users for participating in the app as they gain points for doing certain actions.  Assign badges to groups of tasks, or status levels.  On a custom basis, certain tasks or point levels can turn into additional rewards or good.

Dating Features.  A way for people to interact with other accounts in a dating sense.  Like, secretly like, match, search by distance, view profiles in various ways.

Core System

Metrics.  Track what your users are doing in your app so you know where to focus your efforts.  Export metrics to analyze however you’d like.

Payment System.  Support for multiple payment systems.  Can be used for memberships, events, ecommerce functionality, or custom purposes.

Welcome screens and dashboard.  Easily manage what your users see when they log in.  Schedule it in advance to change out on certain days.

Image Functions.  An underlying system to resize, crop, and perform basic editing on images in the system.  In use in feed, galleries, and more, but available to custom applications as well.

Search across different parts of the site, including or excluding different sections at your discretion.

Content Management

Content Management of pages or parts of pages. Expandable to multilingual if needed.

Banner ad system.  Sell or use banners inside of your site for advertising or messaging.

Site/account sponsors.  Mark accounts as sponsors and be able to spotlight sponsors in the site as needed.

Secure file library with revision tracking.  A document library where you can upload files, making them available to specific people or groups, with historical version tracking.  Useful when you’re providing marketing material that’s account-specific, or working on a spreadsheet together.


Item management, discounts, inventory, supply chain, franchise features, cash register sales, web sales, mobile sales, business-to-business pricing options, CRM tools, loyalty program, digital gift cards, shipping integrations

Custom Expansion

Custom functionality can be integrated.  We want to help build need-specific solutions.  This means that there likely won’t be existing tools that perfectly align with those needs.  We can leverage what we have, modify it, tweak it, or we can build new functionality that is tailored to your system.


Cloud file storage.  Built in a way to allow near-unlimited file storage without impacting the size/storage requirements of your core server system.

Google map integrations for locating users, resources, clients, etc

API.  The apps can standalone, but can be expanded to integrate with third party services, either by consuming their APIs or by opening our system up to the third parties via our own API.

Design-flexible, branding.  Your logo, your colors.  Start with what we have and customize it to make the experience feel like your own.

Start with small server resources, to keep costs down, and scale as needed.

CDN. Leverage existing content delivery networks to reduce load on servers, and to increase network speed.  This comes with an added benefit of being able to prevent a wide array of network and application attacks.

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