What’s Behind Invertical?

Having talent doesn’t always mean success will come. Success in the technology world involves having a combination of a viable product, good messaging, a legitimate demand, and then good sales and marketing. Take away any of those and your success will be reduced, or it might vanish completely.

Our team has 26 years of demonstrated technology success. We’ve picked up additional marketing skills along the way, with resources to reach into areas we might not cover ourselves. We’re skilled at looking at a project, digging in, analyzing the data and information needs, and building solutions.

We’re good at solutions… we’re actually looking for the problems, and that’s where you come in.

For Hire vs A Partnership

We are available for paid work. That is to say you can come to us with a project and hire us just like you might hire any other firm. The project may succeed, and a lot of that will hinge on your assessment of the demand, and on your sales/marketing. You would reap the rewards of your risk, but you would take all the risk.

We are also available to partner on select projects. We want to find people who are part of industries already, who can find a pain point in information flow or connection that technology could improve, and we want to build solutions that address those needs. We would be partners, with us bringing data, tech, design, support. You bring insight into an industry, help with the discovery process, and then sell our solution to your industry as a peer. We share the risk, we all leverage the things we do best, and hopefully we succeed.

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