Our business has had a couple different names over the past 26 years, each suited to the work we were doing at the time Our new focus is working with clients/partners to develop solutions for vertical markets. These will be deployed as mobile apps and responsive websites.

Growing out of the development talent from WebKit and the design skills from Carbon Creatures, please welcome our new identity: Invertical.

Today we’re happy to go public with our new name, our new logo, our new brand. This was designed by our creative lead, Reagan Roberts.

We want to hear your ideas, your needs, from working in a specific industry.

What software solutions would make your life better? Can we build something to address that need? Can we partner with you to bring it to market?

For some projects Invertical may be able to function as a partner. For projects where that’s not a fit for us we are able to function as a contracted solutions provider.

Talk to us, let’s build your solution!