What’s in a name? 

Just before the turn of the century we were a marketing agency called Energy Level, then we opted to become WebKit.  WebKit was a better name for the services we were offering at the time, primarily focusing on development and hosting.

We added a lot of design services to our offerings and WebKit no longer represented us as well. We stepped back into the marketing world with the name Carbon Creatures. 

This name was more fun, more focus-neutral, and let us represent ourselves without feeling like we were boxed in.  We had a catchy logo, nice business cards, but ultimately we opted to narrow our focus in order to excel. We wanted to help businesses in specific vertical markets develop sites and app, tapping into pain points and bringing solutions.

This new focus focus mandated a new name… thus Invertical was born.

We still have all the skills and resources we had before but we’ll be focusing on a more narrow offering instead of casting a broad net.  If you need graphics, design, 3D, motion graphics, copy or technical writing, then we can still help.  That said, our proactive efforts will be the creation of industry-specific sites and solutions along with strategic partners and clients.

Here we are.  We’re Invertical.