We’re proud to announce the soft launch of our new ticketing platform, Multipass. It does everything that you’re used to in a ticketing platform… and it does more.

It has the ticketing basics. Create an event with multiple ticket levels, passwords, and more.

Manage your private group (business, after-hours club) and sell tickets only to approved members. We’ve got a process for member applications where you can ask questions of your own choosing.

A marketplace, where shoppers can buy and resell their Multipass tickets, with assurance that nobody gets scammed.

Ticket sharing, transfer, credits, gift cards, and more.

Finally, coming soon, your own physical Multipass card. This will let you leave your phone at home so you can gain access to events with a card that will fit in your wallet.

The site is live, and in progress, at multipass.com and we encourage you to take a look!