Netscape was released in 1994 and shortly thereafter came the first book entitled “Electronic Commerce”. A handful of companies were mentioned and one of them was one led by Invertical’s founder. Ever since that time we’ve been improving our offerings and helping people sell things on the internet.

You’ve heard of some of our clients.  The very first ecommerce site was powered by our software.  The same goes for Paramount Pictures.  HP ran an internal site on our system.

We’ve helped people sell beauty supplies, yoga clothing, wakeboards, music equipment.  We’ve powered an online Asian supermarket.  Recently we’ve helped a national spice company expand their ecommerce offering twenty-fold.

You need backend tools to go with your sales and we’ve built digital gift card programs, national loyalty programs, dynamic inventory systems, vendor systems, brick-and-mortar fulfillment systems, affiliate progreams, and B2B tiered-discount solutions.  We’ve built cash registers that interface with backend systems to orchestrate all of this across a hundred machines.

We’ve integrated with half a dozen payment processors and all the major shipping providers.

If you want to sell online, we can help you every step of the way.